As part of the Smarter Travel LIVE! event we are running a transport 'hackathon' this weekend on behalf of Landor LINKS

We have four teams of developers here now who are working on challenges from the world of local transport.

The challenges include:

From Traveline they are looking for an improved way to get information out on live disruption notifications,.

From the Lake District National Park, they have a major problem with congestion caused by the 20 million visitors arriving by car. Can the hackers propose new ways of getting these visitors to choose a better way to get to the Park?

From Milton Keynes they have issues with car parking in the city centre, can the hackers develop an App to show residents and visitors to available parking spaces?

Bucks CC have a Total Transport project, and want to understand possible solutions to reduce costs associated with assisted travel.

It looks like the Lake District and Traveline challenges have attracted the most interest. The solutions will be presented at Smarter Travel LIVE on Thursday.